LA County Yarn Crawl

The 3rd annual LA County Yarn Crawl begins tomorrow! Are you ready? Last year I visited each and every shop. There were over 30 (I can't quite remember how many). I believe I forgot to blog about it last year. I did make some voice recordings after most of the stops to tell my impression of each store. (I didn't listen to them either...) So sad. Anyway, this year I will not be crawling. I tell you that was one heck of a schlep! From Santa Clarita to Claremont, through Whittier and Redondo Beach, up through Long Beach and LA, to Santa Monica and through the San Fernando Valley... Well, you can see the map here.Yarn Crawl 2013 Map

This year I will be working at my LYS, Unwind in Burbank. We hope you will join us. 

There will be a book signing, custom swatch & wear consultations, lots of great yarn and free patterns. We have Colinton in all colors, Shibui and many special yarns. I hope to see you there!

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One of my new year’s resolutions is to finish all my UFOs. I decided to start with the Ohm Shawl. The yarn is 3 skeins of beautiful Serenity Silk Singles from Zen Yarn Garden. I got the yarn at Unwind’s Passport Club back in April. I loved the sample, so I couldn’t resist the whole package.

I put it aside because I got bored with the pattern. The center is really repetitive. And of course I wanted to start other projects ;) . I realized after I picked it up again that it is probably called Ohm because you could meditate while you do this. Not too taxing on the brain.


I picked it up when we went for a mini vacation between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. As it turned out I only had two repeats of the chart to finish before moving on to the next color and chart. I quickly finished color number two and started working on the border. This morning to my dismay, I ran short of yarn. I am so close to finishing. I am really upset that the skein didn’t last for the whole border. It is supposed to be 430 yards. Did I do something wrong or was the skein short?


There are 18 grams of the reddish brown left, 67 grams of the blue and 226 total in the shawl. It’s hard to say if the skein was short. There are 100g to a skein and my total is 311 grams. Maybe I should have gone down a needle size or two.

Whatever…  I’m not redoing it now. Back into hibernation it goes. Unless some kind knitter out there has an unwanted skein of the dark brown Serenity Silk Single they’d like to sell. Even a partial skein… Please????!!!!


It really is all about the cat anyway...


New Patterns!

I have just published two new patterns on Ravelry! They use the delicious Mountaintop Vail by Classic Elite. The yarn is so wonderfully soft, you'll want to wear them all the time! These two projects compliment each other with similar details like the rolled hem. 

Web-Crop-DSC_0674 Night At The Opera Gloves

The inspiration came from the yarn itself and the special limited edition, hand dyed version by Gail Callahan, the Kangaroo Dyer. These will only be available through Unwind Yarn's Road Trip Club. Some lucky folks may have seen this and possibly purchased some at the Squam Retreat this past spring. Lucky dogs!

I love how this yarn looks in plain stockinette. The stitch definition is fabulous and I decided to use stripes for the long gloves. Not just any stripes, but Fibonacci stripes. They add a fun modern look. The gloves are soooo soft because Vail is 70% baby alpaca and 30% bamboo viscose. They will keep your arms warm for sure, but you'll be stylin' at the same time!

Again, for the hat, I decided to use stockinette. It starts from the bottom up, utilizing the natural curl of stockinette stitch for a quick, easy project. I used a centered double decrease so that the top would come together like a star. The "butterfly" embellishment at the front adds a cute detail to an otherwise plain hat. I was surprised that the pink yarn striped in the round, very subtly.   

The hat was inspired by Dom from Project Runway Season 12. She wore a similar hat in some of the episodes, sometimes with a brooch pinned to it. One of the challenges used butterflies as the inspiration, and this hat is a nod to her and her fabulous creations. 

Dom's Avant-Garde Butterfly

Dom's Avant-Garde Butterfly

And…. We’re Off!

Way off. I finished Rex's Sweater several months ago and happily sewed the pieces together. It was supposed to be a Christmas present for 2012. Not even close. Then I thought it could be a Valentine's day present. Nope. Anniversary? March 21, I could handle that. I think I finished it about a week early. Then when I held it up I noticed.... The collar opening is off center. Way off center. By my measurements, 1 inch to the left. EEESSHHH! 



Maybe you can't really see it in this picture. It looks like I shot it at an angle, but I assure you I didn't. Here's another one. 






See? Way off. :(

I put it aside since summer was coming and there was no way I could frog and reknit in time. This brioche stitch on size 1US needles in this yarn is hard on the hands. It takes approx 2.5 rows to equal 1 row of stockinette. So, no.

Now his birthday is coming. He's in Amsterdam, so I've got some time. But have I been working on it? No... I'm making socks for my sock class, a shawl that I decided on months ago, fingerless gloves for a pattern I'm writing. In other words, I've been avoiding it. But now it's time to face the music. I've got approximately 11 days to get this redone. If I don't though, it is still very hot, so I won't be too disappointed. Christmas is not far off...

And so I'm off... to unstitch and frog. Ribbit!

Chevron T

I finally finished my Chevron T. Web_DSCN3040I think it looks beautiful! I first saw this design at my LYS, Unwind. It looks great on just about every figure, and I knew I wanted to knit it as soon as I saw it. The design is fun and flattering. I originally bought Sweet Georgia's Iridium to make it, but when I found DyeForYarn's Ground Sapphire, a couple of months later, I thought this pattern would look fantastic in it. It does! Web_DSCN2972

Cozy Kitty

Kitty & Blankie

Here's a really lousy photo along with Suzanne's Ripple Top that I made around the same time.

Here's a really lousy photo along with Suzanne's Ripple Top that I made around the same time.

My latest project on the needles is a blanket adapted from the Color Block Bias Wrap by Suzanne Shaw

I made the wrap in January and I love it! This yarn is so soft and huggable, just like kitty!. Well, not this kitty. She doesn't like to be hugged. But I digress.

I decided to make a blanket for my mom. It will be double the width of the wrap which is approximately 36" and 72" long. I think she will really like it. It should keep her warm all winter. I'm making it in the cafe late' colors. She likes beige and neutral colors. 

Started: 8/7/2013
Needles - US 13 Circular ('cuz I like circular)
Yarn - Chalet by Classic Elite Yarn
4 skeins each 
Color - 7436 
          - 7443
          - 7406

The Summer of Music

I'm sitting in the park listening to some great gypsy jazz a la D'Jango Reinhart. The John Jorgenson Quintet is playing. He's an amazing guitar player. We just heard about this free concert from our friend and decided to be spontaneous on a Sunday evening.

20130721-192500.jpg Last Thursday we saw Aubrey Logan at Descanso Gardens. She's an amazing vocalist. Check her out here: and vote for her to win the Sarah Vaughn Competition! A week ago we saw Bostix at our local amphitheater. It is a Boston / Stix tribute band. They were very good. We had fun picnicing with friends reminiscing about our high school days, because that's how old we are! Next week, who knows?!