It’s an amazingly gloomy day here in So. Cal. It rained last night, and it looks like it may rain – Oops, it’s raining again right now. My mood fits the gloom and I’m not sure why. Here’s a picture to cheer me up:

Malaga Cove

I finished these last week. They were designed by Stephannie Tallent of Sunset Cat Designs. The yarn is Road to China Light by the Fibre Company. I love this yarn. I knew when I bought it that it wanted to be fingerless mitts. It has been staring at me for a few months now. I never put it in the stash; it has been sitting on top of my knitting bookshelf.

All other projects took a back seat while I was knitting these. I just couldn’t stop!   They worked up quickly. I knit them two at a time on 2 circular needles, just like my socks. I think I’ll go put these on right now to warm my soul.


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