Classy Hats

Hats, hats, hats! I have never knit so many hats as I have these last few weeks! One was Abalone Cove which I talked about in the last post, and two were for a class I’m taking.

Cutest model ever

“Where are my minions?”

Silly me, I signed up for a beginner class. Part of my reasoning was that I would have an excuse to be at my LYS. A break on a Saturday if you will. I am also interested in how others teach knitting. So far I have not seen anyone articulate any better than I have on how to do something. I don’t mean that I make any more sense, it’s just about the same. Knitting is knitting. I think it may be more about showing someone how to do it than verbalizing. …insert right needle into next stitch, pull yarn around right needle, pull right needle back through with new yarn… oops, dropped a stitch!

Anyway, hats are a little boring, but a quick knit. Who knows, some of these may end up as gifts…

Surfer Slouch HatCabled Slouch Hat

These two patterns are by Heather Walpole of Ewe Ewe Yarns. We are using her patterns for the class. Most are pretty simple. There are a couple of fair isle patterns that I’d love to work on and an entrelac cowl.

The first hat is Surfer Slouch in Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted. The second is Casual Cable Slouch Hat. This time I chose Classic Elite’s Liberty Wool. I love the colors in this skein. It only used 57 grams, so I have most of the second skein left. Maybe some mitts to go with it?

I prefer a tighter gauge than what was called for in the pattern, but it makes a nice light hat for warmer climates.

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