The Great Kindness Challenge comes to JAE

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william威廉希尔when visitors enter fjc, they will likely notice many more happy faces and an increase in caring gestures. the school recently joined thousands of schools from around the country to participate in the great kindness challenge. “we’re so excited to bring this event to fjc,” said guidance counselor ms. jamie adamski, who coordinated the events throughout the week – morning announcements with kindness quotes and messages, and a bingo game, in which each class worked together to accomplish at least five acts of kindness from a checklist. as the students succeeded at bingo, their names were added to hearts surrounding a bulletin board carefully constructed in the main hallway. an “appreciation station” was set up near the cafeteria where students could write positive messages on post-it notes. to encourage everyone to show their school pride, staff and students wore their fjc or rocky point shirts and school colors, and to culminate the week, the message “be kind” took over the building as staff members donned their colorful “be kind” t-shirts.