April 3, 2020

Dear Rocky Point School Community,


the following is from the video message sent to the community:

hello again rocky point school community! this is scott o’brien, superintendent of schools. i’m here at the joseph a. edgar intermediate school and it just isn’t the same without all of you here.

as the governor announced this week, schools will continue to provide virtual learning throughout our scheduled spring break vacation next week. please continue to check your teacher and class eboards all next week.

(As per the Governor’s Order this week, all schools must continue to provide virtual learning throughout any upcoming scheduled vacations. Therefore, virtual learning through eBoard is expected to continue throughout next week’s originally scheduled vacation. I recognize that we anticipated having this vacation, as scheduled. At the same time, our students remain at home and the structure of our virtual learning could never be more important. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it is expected to be at its worst over the next two weeks. Keeping virtual learning consistent throughout this period is our way as educators of supporting our community in the way we know best – through teaching, encouraging, supporting, and being a constant for our students.)

Our teachers will be attending virtual professional development sessions and soon - students will begin submitting work to teachers in a variety of ways including Google Classroom assignments, Google forms, and through a number of other programs. These additional virtual experiences will provide students and parents with feedback on their completed online work.

If you have any questions please email your child’s teacher, principal, or use our website help desk or live phone help desk at 631-982-4775.
Thank you all for working together to keep learning continuous for our students during the closures due to COVID-19. (It is during unprecedented times as these that we come together as a school community and demonstrate Rocky Point pride in the best way possible.)
We hope you and your families are well and we look forward to being back together as soon possible.


Dr. Scott O’Brien
Superintendent of Schools