Dear RP Community,

COVID-19 has brought with it challenges never before seen in our lifetime. We have witnessed the health and emotional toll the virus has taken on this state. We have yet to see the full economic impact. Governor Cuomo has stated that without additional federal funding, state aid to education is at risk. That would be devastating for our district as well as districts across Long Island.

We are asking you to join us as we encourage and support our Long Island congressional delegation and Kirsten Gillibrand in their fight to secure additional federal funding for New York State.

On behalf of our school district, I am asking you to add your name to the FEDERAL ASSISTANCE IS NEEDED NOW petition to our federal elected officials. The link to the petition is below.

Together with community members all across Long Island, our voice will stand strong in helping our representatives in Washington successfully advocate for the federal funding critically needed for New York State.


Thank you

Dr. Scott O’Brien