Award-Winning Writers

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Rocky Point High School juniors Pooja Deshpande and Maggie Dowd have been named winners in the National Council of Teachers of English Achievement Awards in Writing contest.

The NCTE Achievement Awards in Writing is a school-based writing program that was established in 1957 to encourage high school students in their writing and to publicly recognize some of the best student writers in the nation. Each November, the NCTE invites high schools across the nation to nominate 11th-grade writers to enter the contest. Since being nominated, Pooja and Maggie worked alongside their English teacher, Christine Blume, to perfect their submissions, the first being a piece that the students considered their best work and second a themed piece on a topic developed by the Achievement Awards Advisory Committee.

This year, a total of 533 juniors across the country were nominated by their schools and only 264 chosen as outstanding writers. All compositions were evaluated by national judges on content, purpose, audience, tone, word choice, organization, development and style. Judges also looked for writing that demonstrated effective and imaginative use of language to inform and move an audience.

Copies of the students’ winning pieces can be found below.