Remember, Reflect and Honor

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Schools throughout the district honored the 15th anniversary of 9/11 with engaging classroom lessons, remembrance ceremonies and moments of silence.

Rocky Point Middle School eighth-graders in Erica Alemaghides’ and Danielle Manley’s social studies classes created an artistic exhibit to showcase various artifacts found in the aftermath of the events of that day.

The students began the multi-day project by studying the timeline of events that transpired on 9/11 and discussed the courageous actions of the first responders, the victims and how the country worked to move forward after the attacks. Following these conversations, the students put themselves in the shoes of a future archaeologist who uncovers an artifact from the terror attacks many years later. They used these pieces as inspiration to draw a museum exhibit, which included a description of the artifact and why it is important in understanding 9/11. The completed pieces were displayed in the classroom and the adjacent hallway.

Silence blanketed the auditorium at Rocky Point High School as the school community hosted a 9/11 remembrance ceremony for the building’s 11th- and 12th-grade students. The program began with the Rocky Point Veterans of Foreign Wars presenting the nation’s colors. Throughout the ceremony, students heard from two keynote speakers – Anthony Flammia and Owen McCaffery – who shared their personal 9/11 stories.
Mr. Flammia spoke on behalf of the FeelGood Foundation about his experiences as a first responder on 9/11, the illness he continues to fight as a result of his work at Ground Zero and the health care lobbying efforts he has supported for 9/11 responders. Mr. McCaffery shared his experience as a police officer and spoke about Rocky Point graduate Michael Curtin, who lost his life on 9/11. The two keynote speakers weaved messages of patriotism into their addresses and encouraged the students to never forget the events of that historic day.