The Power of Symbols and Words

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Nearly 40 members of Rocky Point Middle School’s Friends of Rachel Club and the Natural Helpers Club, along with their advisors Sherin Shanahan and Joseph Settepani, joined together with students from 15 Long Island school districts to promote acceptance and understanding as they took part in a workshop called “The Power of Symbols and Words.”

The event, which took place at Suffolk County Community College in Brentwood, focused on the importance of understanding how words and symbols can hurt if used negatively. During the program, the students viewed a video called “Fear, Hatred, and Hope: The Power of Symbols,” listened to various speakers from different backgrounds, watched skit performances from high school drama clubs depicting acceptance and discussed sub-topics about differences and how words and symbols are very powerful.  

The field trip aimed to inspire students to bring back what they learned to their home schools and spread the awareness through club activities.
The event was sponsored by the Suffolk Center on the Holocaust, Diversity and Human Understanding, the Suffolk County Interfaith Anti-Bias Task Force and the Suffolk County Human Rights Commission.