Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Mark Twain Contest!

The winners for literature are:

9th Grade Prose

1st Honors – Cassidy Sander

2nd Honors – Molly Lambert

Honorable Mention – Samantha Curran

9th Grade Poetry

1st Honors – Ayva Hill

2nd Honors – Alexander Samuilov

Honorable Mention – Emily Farrell

Honorable Mention – Megan Cheshire


10th Grade Prose

1st Honors – Jack Hamilton

2nd Honors – Allison Bernhard

10th Grade Poetry

1st Honors – Ethan Brown

2nd Honors – Jenna Vatter

11th Grade Prose

1st Honors – Fiona Lambert

2nd Honors – Jade Pinkenburg

Honorable Mention – Georgia Grudier

11th Grade Poetry

1st Honors – Elizabeth Castellucci

2nd Honors – Alexandria Kenny

Honorable Mention – Alexis Jann

Honorable Mention – Elizabeth Castellucci


12th Grade Prose

1st Honors – Hunter Gill

2nd Honors – Matt Rivera

Honorable Mention – Sam Giacoia

Honorable Mention – Sam Giacoia

12th Grade Poetry

1st Honors – Nina Brown

2nd Honors – Nina Brown

Honorable Mention – Samantha Napoli

Honorable Mention – Joseph Wilson


The winners for art are:

9th Grade

1st Honors - Kiana Hammarth

2nd Honors - Ava Reichle

Honorable Mention - Cassidy Sander

10th Grade

1st Honors - Heather Kuhn

2nd Honors - Sabrina Duenas

Honorable Mention - Lea Miller

11th Grade

1st Honors - Lauren Curley

2nd Honors - Olivia Bush

Honorable Mention - Alex Kenny

12th Grade

1st Honors - Miranda Valleau

2nd Honors - Brianna Florio

Honorable Mention - Kovan Joell

Digital Imaging - Vector Based

1st Honors - Nicole Washington

2nd Honors - Prima Mandolfo

Digital Imaging- Rastar Based

1st Honors - Kelly Phillips

2nd Honors - Jenna Salzan

Honorable Mention - KT Sullivan


1st Honors - Bernard Sanchez

2nd Honors - Miranda Valleau

Honorable Mention - Kateryna Lyashenko