Reflecting Upon Traditions

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Second-grade students in Christina Capaldi and Erin Glennon’s class at Frank J. Carasiti Elementary School have been reflecting upon the meaning of symbolism and their family traditions as part of an author study and connected writing project.

After reading the book “The Keeping Quilt” by Patricia Polacco, students discussed the book’s theme and how a simple piece of cloth had been passed down from generation to generation, each time taking on a new purpose before eventually becoming a quilt that remained a symbol of the family’s love and devotion. Throughout the study, students discussed different symbols found in their classroom and throughout the world, each of which carry great meaning. 

The class discussed what iconic symbols like the Statue of Liberty and the American flag mean to them, as well as ones of personal significance to their families. 

The students then drew an item that was passed down in their families on small squares of paper, which were joined together to make one large class quilt. Students created pictures about such things as stuffed animals that previously belonged to their parents and a family riddle book, then reflected upon their drawings. They created short written explanations as to what their item symbolized and why it had great importance to their family.