Science Unplugged at Rocky Point HS

Science Unplugged at Rocky Point HS photo thumbnail84519
As part of the Science Unplugged program offered through Stony Brook University’s Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, Rocky Point High School students in Guy Reid’s Human Anatomy and Physiology classes learned about the influence of fat on stem cells and current schizophrenia research during guest lectures from Adrian Di Antonio and Ashleigh Lussenden, graduate researchers at Stony Brook University.
During the presentations, “Your Brain is So Fat” and “Shining a New Light on an Old Stigma,” students discussed the structure of stem cells and their ability to differentiate. Students and presenters also discussed possible pathways for developing therapeutic treatments for schizophrenia. These topics tie to class topics related to the brain and human nervous system.

The Science Unplugged program gives the students the opportunity to speak with professionals from the field, learn about their research and familiarize themselves with what it means to be a research scientist.