Building Strong Relationships With Reading

Building Strong Relationships With Reading photo thumbnail86785

Frank J. Carasiti Elementary School students are working to develop a love of reading both in school and through activities that extend beyond the traditional school day, including the building’s annual Parents as Reading Partners initiative.

The program, which is supported by the school’s PTA, encourages students to take time each day to enjoy a piece of literature. Additionally, it reinforces the important correlation between a strong home-to-school connection and a student’s academic success. 

Following this year’s PARP theme of “Be a Reading Superhero,” students created superhero capes for their favorite reading hero and took part in theme days over the course of the two-week program. These included Sweat Day, when everyone came to school in sweats because reading “jogs” the mind, and  Spot Day, when everyone wore spots because readers can “spot” a good book.  

Furthermore, students and families gathered for the annual evening Milk and Cookies night. During the event, school administrators shared stories aloud, and the PTA provided chocolate chip cookies and milk. Lastly, the students enjoyed attending a lively music assembly featuring the famous Hip Pickles.