Rocky Point Student Researcher Earns Top Awards

Rocky Point Student Researcher Earns Top Awards photo thumbnail89672
Rocky Point High School senior Kyle Markland has amassed a number of accolades in the field of science research during his academic journey in the Rocky Point School District, and this winter he added three more titles to his already impressive résumé. 

Kyle was named a winner at the regional level of the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium and will advance to the national competition in Hunt Valley, Maryland from May 2-5. In addition, he was one of 14 winners of the New York State Science and Engineering Fair and will now advance to the International Science and Engineering Fair, held in Pittsburg in late May.

Lastly, Kyle received the Intel Award for Excellence in Computer Science at the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair. Along with receiving the Intel Award, he was presented with a $200 scholarship. 

Kyle’s project, “A Novel Kalman Filter Latent State Estimator for GPS/INS Reference Point Acquisition,” was to design and test software to improve the accuracy of GPS units, like those used in cars. Kyle wrote a software program that was designed to help factor out uncertain measurements using a Kalman Filter (software built into the program). He focused primarily on getting a more accurate initial reference point for the GPS. He tested the program using a robotic system that he designed and built, and found that he could obtain a more accurate initial reference point using the Kalman Filter. 

“Obtaining accurate, real-time position information is essential to realizing autonomous vehicle technology in everyday life,” Kyle said. “GPS currently does not meet the accuracy needs of autonomous vehicles, as its accuracy diminishes in urban environments. An inertial navigation system [INS] can provide more accurate position than GPS and is not adversely affected by environmental conditions. The objective of this engineering project was to create a software program that incorporated a Kalman Filter that processed GPS measurements to create an accurate GPS reference point for an INS.”