Senior Pens Book on Robots

Senior Pens Book on Robots photo thumbnail94490
Curiosity about robots at a young age led Rocky Point High School senior Kyle Markland to save money for his first robotics kit, and from there a spark was ignited – a spark that lead to Kyle joining the district’s robotics teams and, most recently, pen a book about the topic. 

“Building Smart LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Robots,” published in April, was an opportunity to put together all his knowledge in a comprehensive guide that covers building and programming techniques used by professional engineers. Kyle highlights six projects – an object-tracking tank, a box-climbing robot, an interactive robotic shark, a quirky bipedal robot, a speedy remote-control race car and a GPS-navigating robot – and explains the features that enable them to make intelligent decisions. 

“With all the accomplishments that Kyle has in so many areas, it is incredible that he was able to achieve this goal as well,” said Rocky Point High School Principal Susan Crossan. 

Passionate and enthusiastic about his work, Kyle said, “I hope to inspire others to embrace this robotics platform and gain the skills to build and program a smart robot.”