Exploring the World of STEM

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Creativity and innovation abounded at Rocky Point High School as the district hosted its second annual STEM Exposition.

This event provided students with opportunities to meet and talk with representatives from academic institutions and industry. Representatives included private astronaut and Princeton University professor Dr. Gregory Olsen, Verizon Fios meteorologist Geoff Bansen and Dr. John Tanacredi, professor of earth and environmental studies at Molloy College. Adelphi University, Brookhaven National Laboratory and New York Institute of Technology also attended and provided students with information related to STEM majors and STEM careers. 

In addition to speaking with STEM representatives from a variety of organizations, attendees engaged in hands-on STEM challenges. Attendees constructed sturdy tables from masking tape and newspaper, created small-scale parachutes to safely transport materials, built bridges made of marshmallows and toothpicks, and assembled aluminum foil boats. These activities allowed participants to devise creative solutions to engineering problems.

The STEM Exposition also showcased Rocky Point students’ accomplishments. Rocky Point Middle School and High School robotics, High School math, High School cosmetology, High School computer science and High School technology groups all presented at the event.

“Rocky Point will seek to build on the enthusiasm generated from the STEM Exposition, continuing to create opportunities to promote STEM college and career opportunities,” said Aaron Factor, director of math, science and technology.