Warm and Cozy Holiday Wishes

Warm and Cozy Holiday Wishes photo thumbnail105123
Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School fourth-graders in Deborah Vieira and Lisa Celentano’s class put pencil to paper this winter to showcase their creativity in conjunction with a community service project. 

After researching fairytales and their written structure, the students developed their own fractured fairytale. Once completed, the pieces were bound together to create a class collection of original stories.  

Then, teaming with their peers from Kristie Jackson’s class, the class coordinated a pajama donation collection. The donated items – which were made by students and staff at JAE as well as Frank J. Carasiti Elementary School – were given to the Pajama Program, an initiative of Scholastic’s Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive. This organization matches each donated pair of pajamas with a book, and in this case will match them with the class fairytale collection the students created.