“Celebrating Poetry"
The 8th Annual Middle School Poetry Slam

in recognition of the beautiful genre of poetry, rocky point middle school students celebrated the written word this february during its annual after school event, the poetry slam. this event has now become a middle school tradition, which takes place every school year around valentine’s day, either the wednesday or thursday before winter recess.

during this event, more than eighteen students shared their love of poetry by reading an original poem or a favorite poem by a famous poet. with more than twenty-six students in attendance in the audience, students responded, after each reading, in the tradition of snapping rather than clapping.

the beauty of this event is that is gives inspiring poets and admirers of poetry a chance to share a favorite poem, or to read an original piece of writing in a non-competitive, relaxed environment.

william威廉希尔overall, this event was created to ignite a spark of passion for the written word and love of poetry in our students, and we look forward to celebrating our students, their talent, and their love of poetry in the future.