Heart Smart at JAE

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Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School students demonstrated what it means to proactively embrace a healthy lifestyle as they took part in the Kids Heart Challenge.

Formally known as Jump Rope for Heart, the annual event aims to raise funds to support the American Heart Association. Coordinated by physical education teacher Maria Amoscato, students participate in the after-school event by jumping rope in return for monetary pledges from family and friends. 

Over the last 16 years, the building has raised a total of $150,564. This year alone, they raised a record $15,190.49, with fifth-grader Aidan Todaro named the highest fundraiser with his contribution of $625. 

In addition to the fundraising aspect, several students were named jump-off winners for jumping rope the longest during the event. Congratulations to third-grade winners Cole Grable and Sadie Hess and runners-up Joe Reda and Lily Rau; fourth-grade winners Patrick Fish and Abby Zarella and runners-up Jaden Bilicki and Halle Rau; fifth-grade winners Yuuki Donnelly and Lillian Wood and runners-up Jack Grable and Ireland Protosow; adult winners, teacher Lisa Celentano and runner-up, parent Diana Blaising.