Engineering Newton Scooters

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Rocky Point Middle School students in Elicia Katsapis’ science classes put their innovation skills to the test, as they designed and built Newton scooters using simple materials.

The students worked independently or in groups to create a scooter that operated on Newton’s third law of motion and was able to travel 1.5 meters without the use of traditional sources of power, such as batteries, motors and fuel. Instead, these scooters were designed using a variety of materials, including rubber bands, balloons and springs. 

Once completed, the students tested their creations during a friendly class competition. They each had three tries to launch their scooter across a race track on the floor and, for an increased challenge, several added weight to their scooter using an egg to see if the distance it could travel would vary. 

Students were honored with a series of awards based on their creation’s performance. Below are the results for the two classes. 

Period 6:
Farthest: Jordan Chirivas and Felicity Monaghan 
Best Name: Angie Flores-Hernandez, Christian Pasqua and Orlin Velasquez
Most Unique Design: Riley Brown
Fastest: Jessica Downer
Most Creative Design: Joey Cecere, Ryan Negus and John Schnaars 

Period 8:
Farthest: Bella Kern, Leanna Pavlicko and Alyssa Rubinetti 
Best Name: Rebecca Rando and Havin Catalbas 
Most Unique Design: Bryanna Klunder 
Fastest: John Skula and Corinne McElroy 
Farthest with the Egg: John Skula and Corinne McElroy