Careers in our Community at FJC

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FJC Image K Class Ms. Fisher
Kindergarten students in Ms. Nicole Fisher and Ms. Stacie Zumpol’s class at FJC welcomed a special visitor when Mr. David Vale, a local resident and parent to one of the students visited to talk about his career. A member of the federal law enforcement’s Special Response Team, Mr. Vale tailored his talk to the young students who peppered him with questions and shared their curiosities with the specialized equipment – his helmet with light attachments, binoculars, safety vests, a remote-controlled robot used to navigate small or dangerous spots, and glow sticks that he gifted to each child. The investigations and missions that Mr. Vale has been involved in take him all over the nation and in addition to the tactical skills and excitement of his career, he takes pride in being a part of helping to keep our country safe.