And…. We’re Off!

Way off. I finished Rex’s Sweater several months ago and happily sewed the pieces together. It was supposed to be a Christmas present for 2012. Not even close. Then I thought it could be a Valentine’s day present. Nope. Anniversary? March 21, I could handle that. I think I finished it about a week early. Then when I held it up I noticed…. The collar opening is off center. Way off center. By my measurements, 1 inch to the left. EEESSHHH! 



Maybe you can’t really see it in this picture. It looks like I shot it at an angle, but I assure you I didn’t. Here’s another one. 






See? Way off. :(

I put it aside since summer was coming and there was no way I could frog and reknit in time. This brioche stitch on size 1US needles in this yarn is hard on the hands. It takes approx 2.5 rows to equal 1 row of stockinette. So, no.

Now his birthday is coming. He’s in Amsterdam, so I’ve got some time. But have I been working on it? No… I’m making socks for my sock class, a shawl that I decided on months ago, fingerless gloves for a pattern I’m writing. In other words, I’ve been avoiding it. But now it’s time to face the music. I’ve got approximately 11 days to get this redone. If I don’t though, it is still very hot, so I won’t be too disappointed. Christmas is not far off…

And so I’m off… to unstitch and frog. Ribbit!

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  1. Hello there, I’ve come across your blog on Google whilst trying to identify this exact stitch – brioche front, ribbed reverse – and looks as though you figured it out, do you have any idea what this stitch is called, or where I can find instructions for it?


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