I have just started Annis from 2010 Spring edition. I am loving this pattern. It is very easy to memorize the repeats. Everything is symmetrical. I’m using a slightly smaller needle than called for because my gauge was a little large. I’m not sure it is correct yet, it just happened to be the smallest needle I had with me. I don’t think it matters so much being a wrap/scarf.

I was a little afraid of the nupps at first. I’ve not done them before and I always shy away from bobbles because I don’t particularly like the way they look. But I’m loving the nupps! I think they look fantastic in this yarn which is Colinette Parisienne. I was afraid that the color variation in the yarn might hide the lace pattern, but after a little blocking I am really happy with the results and I think the nupps are going to look great!



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