My latest knitting project is a little sweater for my friend’s new baby. Its from the 101 Designer One Skein Wonders book. I started it last Sunday. It’s due tomorrow (Sunday) for her shower. Ahem. The directions should clearly have stated, “NEXT ROW: K3 (On the front button band, you idiot!) and place these 3 stitches on holder.” I in all my wisdom placed the stitches on the SEAM side of the front on a holder and thought,”¬†Gee, that’s funny, oh well.” Now when I come to the 3 needle bind off on the shoulder seam, my pattern isn’t lining up. I go to Ravelry to look for info or eratta on the pattern and guess what? The picture there clearly shows that I should have put the center front stitches on the holder so that I could knit the neckband onto them. IDIOT! Also we are suddenly going out tonight, so I need to finish this afternoon. I’m glad it’s not a full sized manly sweater.

11/21 – Finished!

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