Dancing Days

I had a good walk / run today. My running pace was Dancing Days. :) I almost didn’t go because it was getting late. I should never try to figure out something with my knitting before I go out for a run.

Houndstooth BeginningI am working on the Houndstooth scarf and because my gauge is so different from the pattern, I needed to find out how many more repeats to do before I get to the center section. I determined that I need to do 65 pattern repeats on each end and 94 rows of ribbing in the center. Hope I have enough yarn!
~Update – I don’t have enough yarn. I weighed what I have already knitted and found out that I need at least 2 more skeins of white and one more black.~
The funny thing about this pattern is that she doesn’t say to finish the second side with so many pattern repeats. The way it reads, you do one repeat, knit two rows and bind off. Obviously this is not what was done if you look at the picture.

I finished my Maybe Mulberry scarf for the LYS. I kind of like these shots.I knit two rows of twisted drop stitch in the Luna and knit two rows in Stella. Needles = US 8. Two balls Stella and 1 ball Luna.

Warmth for a chilly evening.

New home at the store.

While I was at the store yesterday I made this necklace for the shop. I think it came out cute. I haven’t crocheted in years. Ever since I picked up knitting again I haven’t looked back. It went really quick, and I know it would be a lot quicker once my crochet skills come back. I think I’d prefer a metal needle too. I was using a bamboo one and it seemed too sticky for me.