New Patterns!

I have just published two new patterns on Ravelry! They use the delicious Mountaintop Vail by Classic Elite. The yarn is so wonderfully soft, you’ll want to wear them all the time! These two projects compliment each other with similar details like the rolled hem. 

Web-Crop-DSC_0674 Night At The Opera Gloves

The inspiration came from the yarn itself and the special limited edition, hand dyed version by Gail Callahan, the Kangaroo Dyer. These will only be available through Unwind Yarn’s Road Trip Club. Some lucky folks may have seen this and possibly purchased some at the Squam Retreat this past spring. Lucky dogs!

I love how this yarn looks in plain stockinette. The stitch definition is fabulous and I decided to use stripes for the long gloves. Not just any stripes, but Fibonacci stripes. They add a fun modern look. The gloves are soooo soft because Vail is 70% baby alpaca and 30% bamboo viscose. They will keep your arms warm for sure, but you’ll be stylin’ at the same time!

Again, for the hat, I decided to use stockinette. It starts from the bottom up, utilizing the natural curl of stockinette stitch for a quick, easy project. I used a centered double decrease so that the top would come together like a star. The “butterfly” embellishment at the front adds a cute detail to an otherwise plain hat. I was surprised that the pink yarn striped in the round, very subtly.   

The hat was inspired by Dom from Project Runway Season 12. She wore a similar hat in some of the episodes, sometimes with a brooch pinned to it. One of the challenges used butterflies as the inspiration, and this hat is a nod to her and her fabulous creations. 

Dom's Avant-Garde Butterfly

Dom’s Avant-Garde Butterfly

Lightweight Cowl!

Now I really have to post. I know it’s been a while, but I’m a little proud today. One of my designs made it to the Classic Elite Newsletter from June 4, 2013. I should have posted then, but lots of personal stuff has been going on. More about that at another time.

Lightweight Cowl

Lightweight Cowl

Today I glanced at my email and Stephanie emailed a link from this website: I’m so impressed! it caught her eye! Huh! Get yours now!

Stephanie had a great write up in her newsletter that week.

Gordes Socks

If you scroll down you’ll see that I’m also teaching a sock class. I had the first one last week. We knitted a mini sock to get the idea of what a basic sock is and how to deal with all those DPNs! I gave them homework to knit down the leg of a top down sock. Next week we’re working the heel flap and turning the heel. I’m going to have an example of 2 socks on 2 needles to show. Which ones should I do?

New Wrist Warmer Pattern

As soon as the weather got to 89 degrees in Southern California, I decided to publish a new pattern for wrist warmers. Oh, the irony. I love irony, don’t you? 😉 Seems like just last week I was wearing them…

I actually designed these over the holidays. I didn’t talk about them much because they were a Christmas gift and I didn’t really update my blog about Christmas knitting. They’re super simple to knit and fast too. It’s an evening or two’s worth of concentrated knitting.

I worked them two at a time, just like my socks, on two circular needles. You don’t really need to do it that way, I just prefer it. If you’re up for a challenge, just read the right and left hands at the same time, keeping track of which row you’re on. When you get to the thumb gusset, remember to add the M1s on every odd row starting at row 13. I wish I had a picture of them on the needles. It would be easier to describe with a visual aid. I worked them as if my hands were in front of me with the thumbs in the center. Does that make sense? If not, I’ll start another pair and take a picture.


I have started Mood from Silk Road Socks. The Ravelry group is doing a KAL. The pattern isn’t hard, but I’ve frogged them numerous times already. This morning I discovered that one of them had 68 stitches instead of 64. Now I’ve got to start that one over.

In the beginning my knitting did not look like the pictures. I discovered a note at the end of the pattern. Ummm, I wish that note had been at the beginning where the instructions for the leg are… Just goes to show you that reading the pattern all the way through before starting is profitable. Will I learn? Probably not.

I’m almost done with the leg of my RSS sock. This one is better for almost mindless knitting. Not quite, but it does take less concentration. I can actually “read” my knitting on this one. It will be the next pattern up for publication.


I’ve been working on Palindrome off and on since December. I thought that I might be able to give it to Rex instead of the sweater that wasn’t working out, but this has proven to be a bit of a challenge. The pattern is easy, but I decided that I wanted to do it in two colors. First I had to work out how the yarn would stay together. I guess this is my first color-work project. I think it would be Intarsia rather than Fair Isle. It’s not that hard, just very tangly. I’m stubborn too, so I didn’t make manageable bobbins, I’m using whole skeins rather than joining the yarn every so often. The yarn tends to break sometimes though, so some of the pieces are shorter and easier to untangle.

Speaking of the sweater, that would be “new sweater” in the WIP on the left side of the page. Actually, I’ve decided to use a pattern from Interweave Knits Weekend 2009. I just got my copy from EBay today! Yippee! Anyway, the sweater I’ve decided on is the Twisted Pine Pullover. I really want to do this one, but I don’t have enough yarn. It will probably be better in a softer yarn anyway. I’m going to put this project aside for a while though. I’ve got so many others going…

Ok, back to scarves. I just cast on the Panorama scarf for a store sample. I’m using Allegoro by Classic Elite in a pretty blue. The pattern is a pretty lace that seems to look a little like hearts going up the scarf. There is long fringe too. It looks very summery.

Do you think I have enough projects going? It’s hard to keep track of them all, especially the ones that are languishing in my basket. I still see lots of WIPs in my Ravelry notebook. I’d better get to work!

Have a great weekend!

Knitter Ditter


I know it’s been quiet around here. I’ve been knitting a lot, traveling a bit and having an anniversary weekend. This is our 30th year of wedded bliss! Honestly it doesn’t seem that long, but we have grown kids to prove it.

I’m also trying to get our $%!@&!^# taxes done. See how I procrastinate? Messy bookkeeping + tax time = :( Just sayin’.

In my kniti-verse I’ve been working on writing a couple of patterns. One is for Cathy’s Wrist Warmers.

I made these for my SIL for Christmas. I made another pair in London out of one of my purchases from last year’s trip, Sheepshop Wensleydale Longwool. I’ve just finished another pair out of the yarn in the picture, Rowan Cashsoft Baby DK. They are so very soft… The pattern will be posted shortly.

Another pattern that I am writing up is for my RSS Socks. RSS is for Really Simple Socks. I based them on a pair of store bought socks that I liked. I initially made them from a KnitPicks sock yarn in black, so they didn’t photograph too well. I am currently knitting them from Classic Elite Summer Sox. I’m hoping they will be comfortable in warmer weather. I’m finding that the climate in So Cal is not conducive to wool socks. My feet get itchy. Here’s the photo from the first pair. This picture isn’t great and I can’t find the original. I had to steal this one from my Ravelry photos. Weird. Like I said, the black doesn’t show the detail well but I like the way the blue Summer Sox is coming out. Photos to follow soon.

I need to catch up on posting my other knitting. I’ve started the Wakame Lace Tunic. I probably have the bottom finished. I just need to block and measure  to be sure. The lace pattern is easily memorized, so it goes quick, except for the volume!

I’m also working on a Palindrome scarf out of the Wensleydale Longwool in two brown colorways. Ugggh, need photos. Ok, I promise. Soon.

Just before heading off to London I made Nicole from The FibreCo’s Terra. It came out a little large and quite slouchy. It’s really warm and goes with all my pink stuff. I also made a blue one from the Wensleydale Longwool in blue. I felt guilty for buying all that yarn in London last year and not using it! I’m doing much better this year, thank you very much!

Ok, enough with the knitting. Back to taxes. Can I throw up now?

Knitter Ditter