Happy Birthday to Me!

This past nine months have been a whirlwind and our family has been so blessed through it all. I can truly say I am thankful in the midst of it for all the grace and mercy we received and continue to receive. Just yesterday we were humbled again when the Oncology Dr. and my nurse told us that most – 99.9% of pancreatic cancer patients don’t make it. Collette said that I am the .01%. Most can’t take the FOLFOXIRI regimen and the odds with the standard treatment aren’t great. In some people the tumor doesn’t respond. 

I had surgery to remove the tumor on January 6, just one month ago. My recovery has gone very well. I had very little pain and didn’t need to use the pain meds. The nurse had me walking the very next day after surgery and after about a week I was eating again. First a liquid diet, then some solids. I had a little trouble at first. Hospital food is gross! Now, just 4 weeks later, my appetite is back and my energy is too. I will be walking a 5K with my husband and our friends next Saturday. The link is at Westlake Village Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk/Run. 100% of the proceeds go to Pancreatic Cancer Research. 

The next step in this journey is likely to be radiation therapy. We thought we had understood that I would have more chemotherapy for follow up, but the Dr. said that if there is anything lingering somewhere else in my body, the follow up chemo wouldn’t get it since it is a gentler treatment than the one I have already had. He recommends radiation if the surgeon agrees.

So basically they hit me with the big guns and it worked. I can only praise God that it worked. He told me from the beginning that we would beat this and He came through. God keeps His promises. You can believe it! I sure do!

Oh, by the way, today is my birthday. Hence the title. It is a great one!

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