Happy New Year!

It’s 2012! Another New Year, another new beginning. This year I am going to work at eating better, exercising, playing a little guitar every day and of course READING my Bible every day. Last year I listened to an audio Bible and while that was fun and I got a lot of knitting done, I noticed that I didn’t always absorb what the Word was telling me. There were lots of times that my mind was wandering and I would think, “What was that all about?” So I’m back to reading my study Bible and all the notes. It takes longer, but I get much more out of it. I love the Genesis stories. In the beginning… It seems fitting, doesn’t it?

For Christmas, my husband got me a Bible from the 1880s. It is amazing. It weighs probably 20 pounds and has great illustrations. It’s so cool to think that someone was reading this Bible when my great great grandparents were alive! I really want to read the extra articles that are in it. One is world events up until 1884. The pages are so delicate. I really need to find out how to preserve this old paper. I know that the oils from our hands are not good for it. In one of the front pages there is a death notice of a girl of 15. She was the daughter of a Mr. and Mrs. Stroud. It doesn’t say what city, though they lived on Franklin Street. The funeral was to take place in their home the same day the article was published. It doesn’t have a date either. The Bible was shipped from Shreveport, Louisiana. I wonder if that is where it originated. Was the person who sold this a  part of the Stroud family? It is so interesting to think about. I wonder what other gems may be hidden in its pages?

I haven’t done any knitting other than the Hounds-tooth Scarf since November. I had to order more yarn for it since my calculations were off by quite a bit. I’m more than half way now, so I hope I can jam through and be finished by next week. It gets a little tedious knitting the same pattern over and over again. I can’t wait to start something new!

Hounds-tooth Snail

…crawling slowly along…

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