Lightweight Cowl!

Now I really have to post. I know it’s been a while, but I’m a little proud today. One of my designs made it to the Classic Elite Newsletter from June 4, 2013. I should have posted then, but lots of personal stuff has been going on. More about that at another time.

Lightweight Cowl

Lightweight Cowl

Today I glanced at my email and Stephanie emailed a link from this website: I’m so impressed! it caught her eye! Huh! Get yours now!

Stephanie had a great write up in her newsletter that week.

Gordes Socks

If you scroll down you’ll see that I’m also teaching a sock class. I had the first one last week. We knitted a mini sock to get the idea of what a basic sock is and how to deal with all those DPNs! I gave them homework to knit down the leg of a top down sock. Next week we’re working the heel flap and turning the heel. I’m going to have an example of 2 socks on 2 needles to show. Which ones should I do?

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