April 24, 2020

Dear Rocky Point School Community,

I hope this message finds you and your family well and healthy.

It is remarkable to think how much our lives have changed over the past month or so – the shift in our personal and professional lives has been unimaginable! However, due to the strength of our school community, we are continuing to forge through this together!   

For today’s message, I would like to begin by thanking our teachers and administrators for their dedication and effort over the past several weeks.  Our instructional staff has spent countless hours immersed in virtual professional development to learn additional programs and techniques for providing our students with online feedback and direct instruction through audio-recorded videos.  Teachers have kept learning consistent for our students since the first day of the closures.  Our school buildings may be closed but our instructional staff has been working tirelessly to keep Rocky Point students learning virtually each and every day.  Thank you to our teachers and administrators for keeping school very much open for our students.  We appreciate all you are doing on a daily basis to connect with students and their families.  At a time filled with so much uncertainty, you have remained a constant for our students.

Please know, that this is a new method of education for all of us. I appreciate our teachers’ dedication as well as our community’s patience and feedback during this time. The input we have received from our families, students, and staff has helped us continue to fine-tune our efforts and enhance our instruction.

Another group of individuals that have demonstrated a commitment to our community throughout this pandemic has been our first responders and essential workers.  These members of our Rocky Point School Community are making sacrifices and we want to thank them for all they are doing on the front lines to keep us all safe.  In an effort to recognize these members of our Rocky Point School community, we would like to share photos of our heroes on our website and social media pages. If you would like to nominate a first responder or essential worker for this feature, please email us their picture, name, and occupation to our dedicated email account: rpheroes2020@gmail.com.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email your child’s teacher or principal.  In addition, you can also use our website helpdesk or live phone help desk.  The number is 631-982-4775.  (The link to the online help desk form can be found on the school website on the home page or directly accessed by clicking http://tinyurl.com/rpparenthelp.  The help desk will be open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to noon and from 2:00 PM to 7:30 PM.)

Thank you for working together to support our students.  We hope you and your families are well.


Dr. Scott O’Brien, Superintendent of Schools