william威廉希尔breakfast and lunch service is available to all students on their virtual and remote learning days at the locations and time frames listed below.  your child’s meals will only be available at the school they attend.  please note, prices for breakfast & lunch meals will be charged at the time meals are picked up (unless your family qualifies for free/ reduced price meals at no charge).  we encourage you to use myschoolbucks.com to add funds to your child’s meal account for a nominal fee.  you can also remit a personal check (payable to rocky point child nutrition) in an envelope with your child’s name, class and id number.  any change from cash transactions will be deposited on your child’s meal account.  if you have any questions, please contact maureen branagan at 631-849-7550.  thank you.

FYI: Meal Pickup Locations

School Daily Pickup Time Location

  • FJC students        10:00am –           11:00am              Back Cafeteria Door


  • JAE students        9:00am –             10:00am              Back Cafeteria Door


  • MS  students       8:30am -              9:30am                MS Main Entrance


  • HS   students       8:30am -              9:30am                HS Gym Entrance