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Rocky Point Union Free School District


Penning A Winning Comic

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Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School fifth-grader Evan Donovan has been named one of ten talented runner-ups in the Scholastic Reading Clubs’ “Big Nate EPIC Birthday Mishap Contest.”

Students from across the country submitted original multi-frame comics about a child’s birthday party in a similar fashion to the famous Big Nate comics. Evan’s piece showed a comical encounter between a young boy and a bear who just awoke from hibernation.

Evan describes himself as a comic enthusiast, having penned hundreds of original strips in his life. “Making comics is a fun thing to do and helps to relieve stress,” he said. “I really like using the pictures to tell stories and have made one, two and three panel comics in my free time.”

As a contest runner-up, Evan received a Big Nate library collection and a class set of the newest Big Nate book, “Thunka, Thunka, Thunka” was gifted to JAE.
Sunday, September 20, 2020   |  District Home