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Rocky Point Union Free School District


Retiree Honored for Service and Dedication to Students

Retiree Honored for Service and Dedication to Students photo thumbnail136635
The Rocky Point School District honored retiring employee Mary Leckie at the Oct. 21 Board of Education meeting. Mrs. Leckie, a teacher aide, was lauded by FJC Principal Dr. Virginia Gibbons for the special bonds she created with students and her positive attitude in her 13 years of service to the school district. Dr. Gibbons also recognized Mrs. Leckie’s efforts in getting to know each student and for becoming an integral member of a classroom, exhibiting dependability and flexibility in meeting the needs of the many children she worked with over the years. The entire school community applauds Mrs. Leckie for being a valued staff member and wishes her well in her new endeavors.
Sunday, September 20, 2020   |  District Home