Last night was Unwind Yarn’s anniversary party and what a party it was! The place was packed with Ravelers and revelers. Ravelry came, and I always enjoy talking to Casey about the site and techie stuff. Jess is pregnant and so cute! I met Mary Heather and Sarah.Ravelry @ Unwind They brought Ysolda Teague. She is very sweet. She was wearing a sweater that she designed for her new book, Little Red In The City, which will be available in March. I love her design sensibility. A couple of us were examining the side seams on her sweater. I think she’s a knitting genius.

Shannon Okey was there signing her new book, The Knitgrrl Guide To Professional Knitwear Design. It looks like a great resource. She has provided tons of information and advice for a budding knitwear designer. ┬áIt was her birthday yesterday, so the shop got her a cake from Porto’s.

Michelle Miller from Fickle Knitter was there displaying her designs and patterns. I talked to her for quite a while about design and publishing patterns. She was very open and willing to give advice too. She designed the shawl I just completed as a display piece for the party and to show off the Silky Alpaca Lace from Classic Elite. Here’s a link to her blog post on the party.

Bar-Maids was there demoing their scrub and moisturizer. I had to get some for my Very. Dry. Hands. I think it’s just what I’ve been looking for. Smells divine too!

Classic Elite had their trunk show (is that what you call it? ) with the new Spring 2011 designs and yarns. It seems like we were the first to see them. The patterns are not even published yet, but I have my eye on a cute little cardigan in Cricket. It’s so new I can’t even find it on their website. They are releasing the new yarns at TNNA today, so I expect it will be there soon. Of course I forgot to take a picture. :(

By the way, my picture taking sux. I’m too shy about asking people to take their picture so I get very candid shots and bad angles and forget to take some important stuff. Then I get home and go, “Why didn’t I get that picture?!?” Sigh. The cardi I’m talking about is the second from the right. Next to the green sweater. Sorry, I only got the back. Ugghhh.

Ok, I have a confession. I think I’m addicted to yarn. It’s like a drug. I mean really. When Stephanie announced that there were a few seats left in Shanon Okey’s Hand Dyeing class on Sunday, I jumped right on it. I know I’ve seen emails about this, but being there I got all caught up in the excitement. How silly I am. Earlier in the evening I was telling Jim, the Classic Elite rep, that I was afraid to get into dyeing because I might become obsessed. Am I weird? Yah, a little yarn obsessed.

I’ll be back there tonight to hang with some of my new friends and get to know them better over some wine and knitting.

Next time I’ll show you pictures of the Not-So-Alpaca Baby Shawl. I stand corrected. I’m making it in a superwash merino. Duh! I kept insisting that it was Alpaca because that’s the title of the pattern I’m making. Sheesh!

I’ll let you know how the dyeing class goes and whether I’ve got a new obsession.

See you next Friday!

Knitter Ditter

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