Cathy’s Wrist Warmers

I had a pair of cashmere wrist warmers that I made several years ago. I absolutely loved them. They went everywhere with me. Then one day while traveling in London, I lost one. Not both, just one. When I got home, I weighed the remnant of yarn that was left over, but alas, there would not be enough for a mate for the lonely wrist warmer.

I finally made a new pair out of alpaca from a fine lace weight yarn and promptly misplaced both of them. Uggg! I’m convinced that they are still in my house somewhere, but …



I love wrist warmers. They are great for when you just can’t warm up and still want to do something that requires fingers. Like play guitar or knit.

These wrist warmers were created for my Sister-In-Law for Christmas. They are quick and easy to knit, great for gift giving or giving yourself a gift!

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