Quiet Japan

I started to write a post as we were leaving for the airport, but since we got here there has been no wifi (waifai). I can’t even get on in the Starbucks. The web page is in Japanese and alas, me no speakee… The room has intaa netto with a cable for ¥1260 a day. That works out to about $16.00!

UPDATE: How the heck did that happen?!? My post was posted! I had set it to post later and it did. I guess it used my cell data to publish. How do ya like that?

My search for yarn has all but evaporated. Nothing comes up on the Knitmap for Mihama-Ku or Chiba which is where we are staying. I went for a walk today in the surrounding neighborhood and I stumbled upon a small store called Cuore but they were closed.


The first thing that caputured my attention was a scarf in the window:

Then I noticed the fabric and the yarn! But they were closed. :(

I will try again tomorrow. I’d be really happy if I found some Noro. For a good price. Most everything is quite expensive here and it’s so weird because things are expressed in 100s or 1,000 Yen. It really sounds funny. Lunch for 4 at McDonald’s was ¥3,400. And when we got cash from the ATM two bills came out for ¥10,000 each! It felt like we pulled out $40.00. In reality it was about $250.00.

There don’t seem to be yarn stores like we have in the states. They are more like general craft stores with yarn. Knit Map lists the closest ones in Tokyo which is about an hour away by train. I’m a little leery of going alone for the first time. I’m hoping that we can get Friday to do that or Saturday before we leave. Or I can just get the Noro at my LYS. Not as much fun though.

This area of Chiba is really quiet. I was struck by how few people are around. At night my view out of the hotel window shows only one or two cars at a time on the road. In Amsterdam there are lots of people walking around or in cafes all throughout the day and night. I guess they are mostly at work here. This is a business/residential district. I haven’t even seen any Tai-Chi groups. I was hoping to run while here, but I haven’t seen anyone running, even in the park next to the hotel. I’m not entirely comfortable running around in my workout clothes with no one else doing it. I found some routes on runkeeper.com that I might try tomorrow if I get brave enough. Well see…

We’ve had some really good sushi and sashimi. Supa fresh! The guys that have been taking us out feed us way too much! I’m getting hungry now waiting for the trade show to be over.

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