Rip Roaring Knitting

I’m about two inches into the Gordes sock. It’s coming along nicely, though I spent much of today ripping back and correcting some mistakes. It seems that until I get used to the pattern, I make mistakes that I don’t see until much later. I should probably just swatch each chart so that I can learn what is actually going on. I really like how the Gordes chart is laid out. It’s very logical. I’m thinking I might use this cable technique for something of my own. There is a knit-a-long starting on February 1st for this sock on Ravelry. You can learn more at the Silk Road Socks KALS Group. (I hope it’s not cheating that I’ve already started… ūüėČ )

I discovered a new podcast this week thanks to Franklin Habit. It’s called Fiber Beat and can be found at the link. It’s not new. I was listening to some 2009 episodes today. WonderMike interviews lots of my favorite knitting personalities. I suppose you could call them the American Idols of knitting. I ¬†listened to Episode 1 with Meg Swansen and wondered why I haven’t known about all the videos she has done. I’m definitely going to check them out! I love [amazon-product text=”Elizabeth Zimmermans Knitting Workshop” type=”text”]B000MGTT54[/amazon-product].¬†It’s got such a down-home feel.

Speaking of Franklin Habit, I finally caught up on his blog yesterday. He freaking cracks me up! If you don’t know, Franklin is a humorist, cartoonist, knittist – um – ¬†knitter, and photographer. ¬†(Wonder if I missed anything.) He researches vintage knitting patterns and brings them to modern knitters. He has a column called Stitches in Time at I’m sure you will find it quite intriguing.

I just had to show my husband this:

It made him laugh too.

The other thing I absolutely love about Franklin’s site is the BEAUTIFUL photography. If I ever get the chance I want to take his photography class. The depth of field in the photos and the colors make your mouth water.

Well, I gotta go. My husband made dinner tonight and it smells wonderful!

Till next Friday,

Knitter Ditter

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