One of my new year’s resolutions is to finish all my UFOs. I decided to start with the Ohm Shawl. The yarn is 3 skeins of beautiful Serenity Silk Singles from Zen Yarn Garden. I got the yarn at Unwind’s Passport Club back in April. I loved the sample, so I couldn’t resist the whole package.

I put it aside because I got bored with the pattern. The center is really repetitive. And of course I wanted to start other projects 😉 . I realized after I picked it up again that it is probably called Ohm because you could meditate while you do this. Not too taxing on the brain.


I picked it up when we went for a mini vacation between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. As it turned out I only had two repeats of the chart to finish before moving on to the next color and chart. I quickly finished color number two and started working on the border. This morning to my dismay, I ran short of yarn. I am so close to finishing. I am really upset that the skein didn’t last for the whole border. It is supposed to be 430 yards. Did I do something wrong or was the skein short?


There are 18 grams of the reddish brown left, 67 grams of the blue and 226 total in the shawl. It’s hard to say if the skein was short. There are 100g to a skein and my total is 311 grams. Maybe I should have gone down a needle size or two.

Whatever…  I’m not redoing it now. Back into hibernation it goes. Unless some kind knitter out there has an unwanted skein of the dark brown Serenity Silk Single they’d like to sell. Even a partial skein… Please????!!!!


It really is all about the cat anyway…