Cast on Variations

The most popular cast on is the Long Tail Cast On method. This is a great method for any project and it ensures the cast on edge will be stretchy and not too tight!   

Video by Bridget, from “The East Side.”  


Backwards Loop Cast On   

This is another variation and very easy. Just be sure not to pull too tight or knitting the next row will be difficult.   


Video by Lion Brand Yarn


Cable Cast On

This cast on makes a sturdy, smooth cable which looks a lot like the basic bind off. It’s not very elastic, so don’t use it for socks or anything that will need to stretch. It would be best for blankets, scarves or jackets. 

Video by elsteffo

Jeny’s Super Stretchy Cast On:

This cast on would be wonderful for socks or top down garments where you need a lot of stretch.

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