The Year Of Hospitals

This morning I was thinking about how hard it is to start. I’m frustrated with needing to do things and wanting to just spend time designing. I’m fairly new at design work as you can see by the number of patterns currently available and how often I post them. But I want to! Things just conspire to get in the way. Maybe I get in my own way most of the time. Like trying to turn a lace pattern upside down instead of knitting the stupid project the other way around.

This afternoon I finally gave up on that and was working on some materials for a sock class I am teaching. My mom called and said she needed help. She fell and couldn’t get up. I raced from Burbank to Santa Monica. I finally got her to realize that she needed to go to the hospital. Now we are in ER waiting.

It was only two months ago that we admitted my mother in law to the hospital. She fell in March and fractured her ankle. She had been in a rehab facility for 6 or 7 weeks to get her strength back. Instead, she got worse. She had cancer in her liver and her ammonia levels shot up causing mental confusion. The day we got her to the hospital she couldn’t say more than yes and no. She only lasted two more weeks. We were able to have her come home on hospice and the family spent Mother’s Day with her. She passed the next morning.

So right now I am pretty upset. I want to cry but there will be time for that later I suppose.

I shouldn’t go on about my stupid knitting. There are much more important things right now.

All the time we were in the hospital with my Mother-In-Law I thought I should be documenting what was happening. Seems strange to start now. I just need to process. It feels like too much, but I know I can do this in His Strength! Philippians 4:13

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