Vogue Knitting Day One

I’ve been volunteering at Vogue Knitting Live all morning. I’m a door monitor. I haven’t had that position since third grade! But seriously, I’m having a lot of fun. There’s a lot of time for knitting while the classes are happening.

I was commissioned to make baby booties again for a TV show. I’m not sure I posted about the last time I did that. I made comically misshapen baby booties for Breaking Bad. They were going to be in the season closer, but apparently that scene got cut. So if I didn’t talk about it, that’s why. This time Joan Cusak (sp?) is making baby booties. We’ll see…

It’s fun meeting the knitting celebrities. So far I’ve helped Nicky Epstein, Julie Weisenburger and John Brinegar. Apparently John is really funny. His classroom is roaring with laughter.

I have a class later with Josh Bennett, Custom Knitting Design. I’ll post more on that later.


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