Vogue Knitting Day Two

I’m here again at VK LA and this morning’s tasks have been interesting. I’m working the info booth, helping people find their way around. We’re also called to float, so I’ve delivered things to classrooms and a couple of us were asked to help clean up a room that some teachers had a party in. Apparently knitters party like rock stars.


Backstage at VK Live Fashion Show

I just got called to fill in as a dresser at the fashion show. So cool! I jumped right back into my former role as costumer from BHS Show Choir! The knitwear is fabulous, the models are beautiful and the energy is fun. I’m going to request this job for next year!

I just dressed a model for the Koigu fashion show. She had 4 changes. First was a crop top in seed stitch, double stranded. Second was a ski sweater. Next was a long dress in mitered squares. Then came a coat done in cubes put together with 3 needle bind off. The pieces are all gorgeous, but I was struck by the weight of them. They might be good in very cold weather, but not here in So Cal. Also, you’d build up
Your muscles wearing them around. I swear some of the pieces weighed about 10 lbs!

Next up, Hand Painted yarns. Lorna’s Laces, Prism, Mountain Colors, Claudia & Twisted Sisters.


Inside out sweater?

Ok, so I just got caught thinking out loud. I’m gonna have to shut up. Beth Casey heard me say, “Is this mistake?” she said, “What’s wrong?!” I suddenly realized that I’d panicked one of the designers. I quickly mumbled , “Oh, nothing. I just have to cut this tag off.” What I thought was a mistake was the underarm seam on the sweater I was getting ready to put on my model seemed to be on the outside. Could be a design feature, but this garment was knit in the round. These were the only seams and they were prominent, as if done with a three needle bind off. I decided I’d go with it as is because that’s how it came out of the bag, but really, it could have been reversed. I wonder if it should have been… Maybe I should have been brave and asked her.

The garments in this show:
Lorna’s sweater, Entrelac jacket, hat, cowl & fingerless Mitsubishi with fur edging. Denali Plume I think they said. It was so soft, like rabbit fur.


Cute hat, cowl & fingerless mitts

Sorry the photos aren’t great. They were from my iphone and taken from the reverse of the screeen.

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